A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Right Gutter Material

If you want a house that is in order, you need to consider different components like foundation, flooring, basement, siding, windows, doors and the roof. If in this case you are tackling your roof, there is a small but critical component that should not be ignored – gutters. Many homeowners do not consider gutters because they think it is insignificant and costly.

It is the time that you understand the importance of gutter so you can decide what to consider at the end of the day. Gutters prevent rainwater from getting inside your structure, which can ultimately avert home and basement flooding. You have to know that rainwater can create havoc on your house if it is not controlled properly. One way to control it is through rainwater gutters. Considering rainwater gutters can keep you from costly repair services in the future.

Aside from preventing the rainwater from getting inside the house, gutters also protect the home from infestations brought about by mosquitoes and it can stop mold formation. Moreover, gutters can stabilize the soil thereby preventing erosion. If you are thinking about the paint, gutters can help protect the paint from damage brought about by rainwater.

Now that you understand gutters, it is time to choose which one is the best for your house. The good news is that gutters come in different shapes, colors and prices. This means that you can easily find a match for your style and budget. To get the best results and to ensure the quality of work, it is crucial that you consider gutter installation Toronto. When considering a professional service, you have to know the available materials to make an informed decision. Here are the gutter materials you can choose from:


The most widely used material is aluminum because it is lightweight. It is easy to install even for DIYers. The good thing about aluminum gutters is its anti-corrosive properties. This means it won’t rust. For regions with snow, experts recommend gutters with 0.027 or 0.032 thickness. Aluminum gutters can be painted and it can come in different colors.

Seamless aluminum

Seamless aluminum needs to be created on site. There is a fabricator that uses a machine to custom-make gutter length required for your home. This type of gutter gets rid of seams, which can reduce the chances of leaks. With this, it costs more than standard aluminum gutters.


Copper gutters are known for its beauty. It will not rust. You do not need to paint it because it will develop a natural patina over time. This needs a professional installer because the seams should be welded. This type is also expensive that is why you often see this on high-end residences.


Steel gutters are strong. In the case of galvanized steel, it can resist rust but its longevity is an issue – its life expectancy is 5 to 10 years. It can be painted. However, it is heavy and it is not recommended for DIYers.


Vinyl is famous because it is lightweight but inexpensive. This is ideal for DIYers. However, there are not many colors to choose from and the color will fade over time because of the UV  rays. It won’t survive in the severe cold because it may crack.