Everything You Need To Know About Role Playing Games

Role-playing gamesis a video game genre where the players experience a quest by controlling a fictional character. There are certain components, which transform an ordinary online game into a role-playing game. These components are known as RPG elements. These RPG elements allow players to customize their character by making certain choices.

Nowadays, various genres of video games are implementing the RPG elements to attract gamers. Players can explore the beautiful realms of an ancient country by being a skilled warrior or ride a dragon, just by playing the game. They completely control their roles in the game and equip them according to their wish.

Here are some of the most common RPG elements-

Random Number Generator

Probability, statistics, and random numbers play a vital role in role-playing games.

Random number generator is just like a virtual dice, which can be rolled with one click of a button. The random numbers generated affect the overall flow of the game- it determines what weapons are placed in the hidden storage to what location the players land at.

Random numbers are usually implemented along with luck and widely influence card selection in card games.

Numerous levels

Players often begin the game with a low or an easy level. They overcome obstacles in the first level and proceed to the next one. The level of difficulty increases as the player progresses in the game. Also, the players get equipped with new skills which help them to survive later levels.

Some games also provide additional attributes to the characters. These attributes may be general or associated with a certain level.

A player might have to reach the 100th level to use a certain weapon or power. Restrictions like these challenge the players to play better every single time.

Interactive Environment

Well Developed And Interactive Environment

Roll playing games are always equipped with a well-designed and interactive environment. Players can explore this environment and play games in it. They can interact with the various elements of the environment including other players in case of multiplayer games.

Unlike the boring ordinary online games, Role playing games provide a unique experience to players every time. Players can experience different adventures every time they play as every choice alters the flow of the game. This control is not available in other genre of games.

Progressive Character Development

Role playing games provide complete character control to its players.

Some RPG’s allow the character’s gender, appearance, skill set, class,and the weapons used to be designed and modified according to the players will.

Some role playing games provide a wide choice of pre-built characters from which the player can choose any one and develop it as the game progresses. Each pre-built character comes with a certain history. The games are extremely creative as they are filled with details and unique narratives, appropriate dialogue flow, and background music. Sometimes, players have a control on the narrative and sometimes, they do not.

Game setting

Each role-playing game has a certain setting. It can be set in a world filled with dragons and other mysterious creatures, or in an ancient kingdom. The game setting is developed according to the story of the game. Often, the story of the game is well structured and strong.

Weaving a story around the game enriches the player’s experience and provides a neat introduction to the game simultaneously. Players can experience a different plot at each level.


RPG’s usually provide the players with an inventory. This inventory can be used to store weapons, clothing, food, and other essentials. Hence, Inventory plays a vital role in RPG’s.

As the game progresses, players can exchange their points to buy new weaponry or upgrade the existing weapons. Sometimes,they can also use their points to buy extra lives.

There are various applications available online which can be used to create role-play games. One of them is RPG Maker MV. If you’re wondering how to use RPG Maker MV, then don’t worry. Just download it, use the tutorial and start creating a RPG.

Some of the other simulation programs are DesignSpark Mechanical and SuperPro Designer. These tools can be used to design complex circuits and manufacturing plants.Hope that this article helps you to understand RPG’s in a better way.Thanks for reading!