Impress Your Couple with a Smooth Relocation Process

Recommended Transportation Company for Moving in Switzerland

The plan to establish a new life in aother location would be a difficult time for some people. They have to adjust themselves to the unfamiliar environment, make a new friend, introduce to neighbor, or even start in nearby school. This new life is always starting with a relocation process. A smooth relocation process can reduce the tension during the moving process. Thus, widmer transports serves most of the new couple to move after their wedding, into their unfamiliar place. They believe in this company because of it’s professionally to deliver all the materials in fast and proper manner.

Affordable Cost

Moving expenses would become much more unpredicted if you are not utilizing a reliable service. In Winder, the cost is made in clear detail and discusses in advance. There is an option for each purpose. If you barely need relocating in a short distance with a fewnumbers of furniture, there is hourly based service at the cost of 549 CHF. It transported the materials by one truck vehicle together with2 furniture packers. An additional moving box cost you only 3 CHF per box.

Flexible Choice

The service options of umzugsfirma bern are extremely flexible. Just in case your moving time could be spent up to three hours, then you could selectthe second option of three-hour services with only 699 CHF. This service would deliver your stuff with one truck and three furniture packers. Other than that, you can also bring up to 20 boxes without excess charge.

Furniture Protection and Insurance

This is the most significant thing, as you understand that your high valuable furniture needs to be protected. There is a premium service given by Widmer to ensure you about this. It only cost about 899 CHF inclusive the local professional visit which provides another opinion of a better moving process.

Inclusive Packing Process

If you don’t want to consume your time to pack all of your stuff, then it is good to ask Widmer for a help. The premium service is suitable for this. The dedicated team from Widmer will pack it in a proper manner before it loads into the truck. One truck occupies the space of 20 m3. So the team has to ensure that the packaging process could be fitted into that area without damaging each other. The price for this packing inclusion is only 1499 CHF.

How to get started?

Visit the website and senda quotation to see how the team might support your moving plan. As a note, the moving process could be done every day except Sunday. A national holiday is also an off period for the service. Book in advance might be good to prepare more time to discuss with the relocation expert and manage the route.