Lan Server in the Game League of Legends

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiple-player online battle arena developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and MacOs. IGN initially awarded League of Legends an 8 out of 10 in 2009, highlighting an enjoyable game design, inventive champion design with good customization options, and lively visuals.

Why choose a leveled lol lan account?

Reaching big ranks in the game League of Legends takes a lot of time and effort. If you decide to purchase a lol lan account, not only will you save time in reahing those high ranks, but also you will enter the game with the entire army and the features that correspond your new level. now offers you a great deal: you do not waste your time nor energy in achieving high ranking, you don’t waste your Riot points, your champions or your skins! New level and completely new experience!  But, that’s not everything. You will also get new champs, which are more than needed in achieving high ranks!  The higher rank-the stronger player! You will be playing with better equipment and with more experienced players for a bigger challenge!

leveled lol lan account

The benefits of getting a lol lan accounts

As mentioned before, you won’t be losing your valuable time in trying to achieve the desired level, which, to be honest takes a lot of time and practice. Moreover, some of the skins that are now lost because of the development of new skins and new features, are still available for you wit a lol lan account and you use the skins you never even dreamed about! Additionally, our company offers access to your country and your location, so it is pretty easy for you to start an account with us!

Risks of getting a leveled League of Legends lan account

Why choose us? If you choose us, you won’t be risking your account to be banned, to lose you acces, a wrong IP address or a wrong name. That just doesn’t happen to our users.

Reasons to choose gamestore live

First and foremost, we offer a secured server and a safe account. Moreover, we are reliable, if you don’t trust us, check the website’s feedback. Premium Quality, excellent customer support, discounts and special offers, instant delivery and many payment methods! Do you need any other reason to check us out and start an account with us? We are waiting for you!