Sites that can be a PSN generator

There are plenty of sites that are giving a lot of free codes to the people who love playing games. They are giving certain steps on how to claim the codes in the site. This is for the benefits of the people of all ages.

PM masters

This site can is known as it provides code almost a decade. In having your free PSN codes you can have the whole platform on the internet and just follow the instruction listed on the site. The first thing you need to do is to click the button of the get PSN codes here. Wherein you can start your filling in the site. They just need your username and your password in giving codes. The only task that they need for you to pass is that you need to share their websites with other people. They have a reward for the referral and will have unlimited codes if you will try to share in different social media site. If you have already shared this site in any of your social media accounts. Then the website will have a free code for you. Which is you can use in downloading games and installing an application as well.

free PSN codes


This site is new in the field of giving free codes to the gamers. There are certain steps to have a free code in this site. First, you have to go to their or just go to, there you can see the legit one that can give you a free code. Once you are on the site you will need to click the button called the free PSN codes. In the header, you can have the generator page, which you can use to click the cards in the middle of the website. Then once you are in the generator page you need to choose what card would you prefer. You just need to wait for the PSN generator to make you a free PSN code. And finally, after that, you can use your free code. This website may be the only one, that can give you a free code without any task to complete. Thus, it makes it not legit for somehow. But most of the people are convinced to their service.

PSN Code Generator, How many times can I use it?

They have a limit, some of the PSN generator can produce about 2 codes every day but at some point, other websites can only get one code a day. This is because there are a lot of PlayStation owners. And most of them want to claim too many and they decided to sell the cards again on eBay. There is a limitation in using the codes, however, you can have it every day. But it has its own expiration as well.